E.ON – The Big Dip

Advert: E.ON – The Big Dip
Music: David McEwan and James Turner – Original Composition

Hundreds of synchronised swimmers take a blissful big dip in the flooded streets of Barcelona in this TV ad, with the water “heated from thin air” to showcase E.ON’s sustainable air source heat pump technology. The soundtrack is an original composition for the ad by David McEwan and James Turner for Tin Drum Music. It’s not available to download.

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15 thoughts on “E.ON – The Big Dip

  1. Paula Newbold

    great music shame its not available it also reminds me of the street is ours steve Hawley from the ambulance programme that’s why it might sound familiar

  2. Paul

    Hi folks, unfortunately this piece of music was created by an agency specially as a soundtrack for the ad. It isn’t a full track, and isn’t available to download. For those suggesting it sounds familiar, perhaps you are thinking of Neil Sedaka’s Oh! Carol, which has a similar guitar line.

    Neil Sedaka – Oh! Carol:


    • Rhonda

      Oh Carol!!!! Oh Paul ,this sounds nothing like……………..it is so romantic ,would make a wonderful piece of music for a film..Also the streets filled with blue water are so amazing ,would really make a good setting for an uplifting fantasy film minus the swimming caps !

    • Steve

      Beautiful piece of music.Shame its not available. It reminds me of Duane Eddy’s version of Theme From A Summer Place

  3. Julie “TheRockChick” hermiz

    I absolutely love this song for the eon advert, please release it, there are too many of us waiting to purchase it.

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