Lynx Gold – You’re Gold

Advert: Lynx Gold – You’re Gold
Music: AMP Amsterdam – You’re Gold

Lynx places guys into situations where they need to stay fresh in a series of ads promoting the Lynx Gold body spray, featuring an epic trip, rush hour, and a hanging high five. The music track was created for the ad by AMP Amsterdam, and isn’t available to download. As we always say whenever we feature a Lynx ad, Lynx is known as Axe in much of the rest of the world.

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12 thoughts on “Lynx Gold – You’re Gold

  1. Rebecca Lannigan

    Anyone know where this was filmed? My husband thinks it’s spaarnwoude where dance valley is. I disagree

  2. Julie Western

    Sounds like it’’s Chi Chi Bud Oh, a Jamaican children’s song about birdsong. Soma dem a holla soma bawl. Hollering and bawling maybe?

    • Jo

      exactly! I hate everything that has to do with ‘alla’ – I hear it so I switch it off and will never ever buy lynx.

  3. Chimmy

    The lyrics for the Lynx gold are familiar to a Jamaican song. soma dem ah Holland some a bawl. Too close to be original.

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