Amazon Christmas 2018 – Can You Feel It

Advert: Amazon Christmas 2018 – Can You Feel It
Music: Adelphoi Music – Can You Feel It (Jacksons re-record)

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Amazon’s singing boxes are back for this Christmas 2018 TV ad, delivering parcels and spreading the festive spirit. The song they’re singing is Can You Feel It by The Jacksons, written by Michael and Jackie, and released as a single in 1981. (They were no longer called The Jackson 5 by then as they’d moved to Epic Records and Motown owned that name.) The version of the song featured in the ad was produced by Adelphoi Music. It was arranged by Adelphoi’s Ashley Bates and conductor-arranger John Clayton, and recorded with Metropole Orkest from The Netherlands, with a vocal ensemble featuring 13 lead vocalists arranged by Jamie Masters, and a 20 strong tailor-made choir arranged by Sam Chaplin. Adelphoi’s version was created specifically for the ad, but you can download the Jacksons original on iTunes.