ITV Dancing On Ice – Polar Bear & Squirrel

Advert: ITV Dancing On Ice 2019 – Polar Bear & Squirrel
Music: Stuart Hancock – The Impossible Dream (The Quest)

101 Strings version on iTunes
101 Strings version on Amazon

ITV’s animated Dancing On Ice TV ads look like becoming a Christmas tradition if this latest instalment, featuring a polar bear cub and a squirrel, is anything to go by. The soundtrack features The Impossible Dream (The Quest), originally composed by Mitch Leigh, with popular versions recorded by the likes of Frank Sinatra (iTunes download) and Andy Williams (iTunes download). This orchestral instrumental version was arranged and recorded specially for the ad by composer Stuart Hancock with the 60-piece Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. It’s not available to download, but you can get a similar version by the 101 Strings Orchestra (iTunes dowmload).