Aviva – Free Love

Advert: Aviva – Free Love
Music: Cream – I Feel Free

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Another humorous Paul Whitehouse ad for Aviva, this time featuring Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker’s Cream.

4 thoughts on “Aviva – Free Love

  1. Greavsie

    It is I Feel Free written by Jack Bruce and Peter Brown, and which was Cream’s first single. But this is not Cream. As far as I can tell it’s from Jack Bruce’s solo album “More Jack than God” (a reference to relative sound levels between Jack and Godfrey) released in 2003, with the vocals turned down.

    Strictly speaking, Cream was Ginger Baker’s band. His first recruit was Clapton, who made recruiting Jack Bruce on bass as a condition of joining. Baker was horrified as they hated each other, having played together in various setups, especially the Graham Bond Organisation. Baker made Bruce leave the GBO at knifepoint (literally!). Clapton came up with the name as they were “the cream of the crop” amongst musicians.

  2. RealityShock

    love this but funny how they describe it as ‘featuring Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker’s Cream’ when it’s Jack Bruce who wrote it and sings the song!

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