Skoda Superb Estate – Bigger, Better, Happier

Advert: Skoda Superb Estate – Bigger, Better, Happier
Music: Jeff Hooper – Bluebird

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This Hal David and John Cacavas song is performed here by British singer Jeff Hooper.

4 thoughts on “Skoda Superb Estate – Bigger, Better, Happier

  1. Joan Bulmer

    I also thought that the singer was John Barrowman. How wrong can one be. I will now go to ITunes to find Jeff Hooper’s albums.

  2. kim foster

    Wow, Jeff so good of you to speak up. You have now got a new fan, must admit couldnt place this voice, but you are superb. As a lover of Matt Monroe you can see why. Had to buy his Honda themetrack. This advert has done you wonders, for people like myself who have never heard of you. Gonna buy your cds love Kim

  3. Jeff Hooper

    Jeff Hooper is the singer on the Skoda TV ad. Song called “Bluebird” available on itunes under Hal David, Album called “Its Showtime”

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