Anchor Butter – Made By Cows

Advert: Anchor Butter – Made By Cows
Music: Handsome Hank and His Lonesome Boys – Paradise City

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One thought on “Anchor Butter – Made By Cows

  1. Sheila cook

    Love love your birthday add; Love the free range cows, just as they are meant to be. Love anchor butter more. Really enjoyed watching the add. love the cake. Loved it so much want to copy the top two tears of it for our 40th anniversary in december. Hope that there are no copy rights , we`ll be breaking if we do. Can`t find a static picture of it thow. Please help if possable. Is it lemon or cream in colour?. We`ll be using anchor butter in our cake; well of course, what else would make it taste as good. keep up the good work and adds. Look forward to watching more great ones. Yours faithfully Sheila Cook.

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