Total Greek Yoghurt – Piano

Advert: Total Greek Yoghurt – Piano
Music: Duncan Wisbey – Any Little Fish

Cow, Zebra & Spoonbill are the stars of this advert. The singing is by Duncan Wisbey who is well known for his impressions of Sir Noël Coward. This song was one of 4 written by Sir Noël Coward for Charles B. Cochran’s 1931 Revue which had only 27 performances.

2 thoughts on “Total Greek Yoghurt – Piano

  1. HevAnn

    An utterly delightful and charming advert. Well done, brilliantly orchestrated. How much nicer than some of the loud and totally useless adverts that are shown, which put me off from buying their products. By the way, the yoghurt is really yummy too.

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