Prada – Infusion D’Iris

Advert: Prada – Infusion D’Iris
Music: Bring Me The Horizon – No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Back of Toilet Doors

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This tinkling piano track with an incredibly long title is actually a very short interlude from an album by a heavy metal band. Bring Me The Horizon are a bunch of rockers from Sheffiled, and No Need For Introductions… is not entirely representative of the album Suicide Season. The title of the track supposedly refers to a very unsavoury incident that happened after one of the band’s gigs.

4 thoughts on “Prada – Infusion D’Iris

  1. What has this world come to?

    metalcore? if you can even call it that, if anything, is a sub genre of metal which is a sub genre of rock. Yes it is petty. Especially when concerning this disgusting commercialization and image based bullshit form of metalcore. These posing juniors could never summon up the musical intelligence to even record a real piano for the track never mind write it themselves.

  2. JackAttackk

    the song is not by Bring Me The Horizon, it was a sample piece for the instrument ‘Mellotron MKII’. BMTH only used this sample as an intro for their song, they didn’t write it themselves.

  3. John

    Just for the record,, Bring Me The Horizon are a metalcore band, not heavy metal.
    From the outside it seems petty, any fans of either genre know they are massively different.

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