Best of Christmas 2011

As a festive treat, here’s a run-down of the most popular Christmas TV Ad Music for 2011, based on requests, pageviews and downloads. You can see all of this year’s Christmas ads here.


#5: – Christmas Gift Ideas
Music: Specially Recorded – My Lovely Mother

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Our run-down begins with this Littlewoods ad, which generated huge debate in the comments section. Does it spoil Christmas by suggesting that “my lovely mother” put the Xbox under the tree rather than Santa Claus? You can join the debate and post your own comment here. The song, performed here by a children’s choir, is based on Terry Scott’s (he of Terry and June) 1950s comedy track My Bruvva, which is available on several compilation CDs – click the Amazon link above to see them.


#4: Marks and Spencer – Christmas 2011 X Factor Finalists
Music: X Factor Finalists – When You Wish Upon A Star

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The X Factor finalists sing this version of When You Wish Upon A Star, originally from the 1940 Disney movie version of Pinocchio, and originally sung Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket. The X Factor version isn’t available to download, probably to avoid confusion with the finalists’s charity single, which is the similarly-named Wishing On A Star. You can get Disney version of When You Wish Upon A Star using the links above. M&S updated the ad as the show progressed and contestants were eliminated. The version below features the last three finalists, and ends with the eventual winners Little Mix.


#3: Iceland – Christmas Showcase
Music: Stacey Solomon – Driving Home For Christmas

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The third ad on our festive countdown, for frozen food store Iceland, features reality show favourite Stacey Solomon singing Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas. Public clamour has led to Stacey’s version being released as a single, with all proceeds going to charity. You can download it by clicking the link above.


#2: Sainsbury’s – Christmas Panto Feast
Music: George Formby – Happy Go Lucky Me

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In a year dominated by reality TV stars and wistful female singers, Sainsbury’s went against the grain and used a song by the great George Formby, Wigan’s best-known star of stage and screen. ‘Happy Go Lucky Me’ was his last single, released in 1960. Formby Fact: George was once an apprentice jockey.


#1: John Lewis – Gifts You Can’t Wait To Give
Music: Slow Moving Millie – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

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This year’s most popular Christmas advert at is this John Lewis ad, featuring a Smiths track covered by Slow Moving Millie. This unusual choice proved a hit with most of our website visitors, although some Smiths fans weren’t too impressed with the cover version. Millie has appeared on the site before – her song Beasts appeared on the Virgin Media TV – Backlot advert in 2009, and we interviewed her at the time. You can read the interview here. Overall, the song does seem to accompany the glossy, touching ad very well – although some critics have been less kind. Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker suggested that the box at the end of the ad may contain the severed head of the family dog… But whatever you think may be inside the box, this was the most requested Christmas ad at in 2011.


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