B&Q – You Can Do It

Advert: B&Q – You Can Do It
Music: Amber States – Our House

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The song in this B&Q advert is a cover version of the Crosby, Stills Nash & Young song Our House, written by Graham Nash (about his affair with Joni Mitchell) and originally released in 1970. This cover is performed by Amber States, a five-piece from London.

7 thoughts on “B&Q – You Can Do It

  1. Shameful

    I’m listening to CSN right now – Shame on these pathetic fools! 

  2. Cant take it

    What a terrible cover! Have to agree with John, on the harmonies as well. They totally ruined this, how are they allowed to not only cover but, to be used in an advert as well!?

  3. John

    What an absolute disgrace!! I was almost physically sick when I heard this advert! Wanted to smash my TV last night when I heard it again – what an absolutely horrible cover, how are they allowed to do this!? “Our House” is such a fine song, for these twats to go and ruin it, is just beyond me! God please let it stop, so many disgusting covers by piss poor artists. But I do think this one is the worst I have ever heard, the artist is trying WAY to hard, and the harmonies sound like shit, I pray I never have to hear this again, or ever see any of the band members!

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