HTC One – Freefall Fashion Shoot

Advert: HTC One – Freefall Fashion Shoot
Music: Chromatics – Tick of the Clock

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This ad for the HTC One smartphone features another track for the ever-popular Drive movie soundtrack, this time Tick of the Clock by Chromatics. The track was originally released on the 2010 album Night Drive, and was released as a single in February 2012. It was also featured on the soundtrack of the movie Drive. TV Ad Music fans will know that another track from Drive, Real Hero by College, features in a current LOVEFiLM advert.

10 thoughts on “HTC One – Freefall Fashion Shoot

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  2. john

    on the current aussie add the background music is not whats played in this add.can anyone tell me the music that is played.

  3. Puzzled

    If the UK is supposed to be using the metric system, why the heck does the voice over guy use miles per hour???

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