Tesco F&F Florence & Fred – Glide

Advert: Tesco F&F Florence & Fred – Glide
Music: Cut Copy – Feel The Love

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This deceptively clever Tesco F&F Fashion for Living clothing advert features a track by Australian band Cut Copy, led by Dan Whitford. Feel The Love is from their 2008 album In Ghost Colours. The album was a number one hit in Australia, but failed to chart here in the UK. There’s also an alternative version of this ad, in which the kids do the gliding, featuring the same track.

5 thoughts on “Tesco F&F Florence & Fred – Glide

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  2. Nikki Anderson

    I knew I kept hearing this somewhere on TV! So annoying, just makes me want to hear the actual song.

  3. PimpNo1

    Love this track, had to find out who it was. Shame it was Tesco who used though, not a fan of Tesco but great song choice for your ad.

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