Louis Vuitton – L’Invitation Au Voyage

Advert: Louis Vuitton – L’Invitation Au Voyage
Music: John Murphy – In The House, In A Heartbeat

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Interestingly, this glossy Louis Vuitton ad re-uses a familiar piece of music that’s already one of the most popular we’ve ever featured on TV Ad Music due to its inclusion in the recent Strongbow Pear advert. The track, which originally appeared on the soundtrack to the Danny Boyle movie 28 Days Later, is In The House – In A Heartbeat by John Murphy. It’s available to download from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton – L’Invitation Au Voyage

  1. JohnB

    I Googled this piece of music after seeing the Louis Vuitton ad several times. The creepy chord progression with those momentary dissonances is very striking. Very reminiscent of some of Nash The Slash’s instrumental music from the late 70’s. I even downloaded the MP3 from Amazon.

  2. Therese

    I think it’s bad that I don’t immediately think of Vuitton;daydreaming of women running from infected Rage virus masses while clutching expensive bags happens instead. You’d think they’d at least use the effort to pick something more unique!

  3. Joey

    Why do adverts use the same music? As in the case of the Strongbow and Louis Vuitton adverts and the energy and Shine film and other associated ads. I think that this only weakens the brand message for brands such as Louis Vuitton. Is there no way these companies check that the music is being used in a current campaign. I think it’s strange. Are there only limited public tunes that can be used in ads? Does anyone know?

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