Scottish Widows – Life Feels Better

Advert: Scottish Widows – Life Feels Better When You Have A Plan
Music: Circle of Sound – Life Feels Better When You Have A Plan

Life feels better when you have a plan. That’s the message of this Scottish Widows TV ad, the company’s first for six years, featuring a brand new Scottish widow played by English model Amber Martinez. The soundtrack was specially created for the ad by music production company Circle of Sound. It isn’t available to download.

19 thoughts on “Scottish Widows – Life Feels Better

  1. Frances Morton

    Clocked the tune right away as “Into Dust by Mazzy Starr” lovely haunting price of music

  2. Paul T

    I wondered why I liked it, and in trying to source it I came here – it’s definitely ‘Into Dust’ with some extra piano over the top at the end.

    • Marc

      I tend to agree more with this. Cant beleive they covered it saying it was specifally created.

  3. NT192

    I found this page having seen the advert and wondering which band had covered Into Dust by Mazzy Star. An *original* track by an ad agency? I don’t think so.

    • Rob

      The voice(s) over at the beginning of the ad come from an old TV interview with Alfred Hitchcock. It is the film director whose idea of happiness begins with ‘A clear horizon…’ Google these three words to discover more.

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