TSB – Local Banking For Britain

Advert: TSB – Local Banking For Britain
Music: Anne Dudley’s Humonics – Henry’s Theme (Feat. David Morris)

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TSB isn’t like other big banks, according to this TV ad promoting local banking, featuring a voice-over from actress Kelly Macdonald. The carefully crafted ad is from ad agency Joint and production company Studio AKA. The soundtrack was specially created for the ad by composer Anne Dudley and performed by ‘the world’s top whistler’ David Morris, with sound design by Factory. The track has been released to download on iTunes.


12 thoughts on “TSB – Local Banking For Britain

  1. June hale

    I recognise this tune – I heard a gondolie humming it in Vencie some years ago and I have had it in my head ever since.

  2. Fiona Quigley

    I cannot listen to this advert because of the ridiculously childish VoiceOver and patronising approach. Worst advert ever !

  3. Alison lees

    Have you tried Otex ear drops Rachel Hooper? as you clearly need your ears washing out. Fantastic, beautiful whistling by David Morris, bang in tune with my classically trained ears.
    Lovely advert and music, beautifully performed.

  4. Rachel Hooper

    … But whistling almost a semitone sharp all the way through just gives me a damned headache. Boo to the Sound Design Factory… Wash your ears out!!

    • Soz

      Totally agree – it’s awful to listen to, sharp all the way through! Alison Lees, I have no idea where you were “classically trained” (if you even know what that means) but I’d ask for your money back!!

  5. Marie

    David Morris is the best ! He’s a great friend of ours – visit his website – he’s made a couple of fantastic CD’s with his music.

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