ITV – Home Fires

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Music: Ella Henderson – Giants

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Home Fires is a new six-part drama on ITV about women living in a rural community during World War II. The song used in this trailer is Giants by Ella Henderson, from the former X-Factor contestant’s optimistically-titled debut album Chapter One. It’s available to download on iTunes.

15 thoughts on “ITV – Home Fires

  1. Elizabeth Cummins

    Compare theme tune to Tears for Fears ‘Mad World’ (Donnie Darko theme) – obviously different treatment, but the melody is there.

  2. Susan Ashley u

    Wonderful theme tune to an excellent series – can’t wait for it’s return next year!

  3. Gill Godfrey

    In last Sunday’s episode in the wedding party scene, who were the band and singer please?

  4. Jack

    What is the name of home fires theme tune played at the beginning and end of each episode? I can’t find the name of the song anywhere and would really like to know

  5. Julie Bentley

    This will be an excellent viewing slot – well done. Excellent music as well.

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