Mazda2 – Night Challenge

Advert: Mazda2 – Night Challenge
Music: Whitey – Somebody, Grab The Wheel

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Extreme surfers Laura Crane and Joackim Guichard show off their LED wetsuits in this TV ad for the Mazda2, Mazda’s all-new sporty supermini. The track is Somebody, Grab The Wheel, a new single by Whitey, from his forthcoming album Pick Up Your Shadow. Whitey is uber-indie musician Nathan Joseph White, from London but currently based in LA. His music has previously been featured in ads for companies including Visa, and in TV shows including Breaking Bad. Somebody, Grab The Wheel is available to download from iTunes. UPDATE: There is also a non-surfing Mazda2 TV ad, featuring the same music (watch below).


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