Iceland Foods – The Power of Frozen

Advert: Iceland Foods – The Power of Frozen
Music: Carl Orff – Gassenhauer

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Peter Andre narrates (and briefly appears) in this major new TV ad campaign for Iceland Foods, which explains that “because it’s frozen”, the supermarket can bring delicious food from everywhere to everyone. The music track is Gassenhauer (Street Song) from German composer Carl Orff’s Schulwerk, a 1920s project conceived to teach music in schools. If it sounds familiar from a pop culture setting, that’s because it has featured in numerous TV and film soundtracks, and most notably was effectively covered by Hans Zimmer (as You’re So Cool) for the movie True Romance. Gassenhauer is available to download track on iTunes.


2 thoughts on “Iceland Foods – The Power of Frozen

    • susan johnson

      I find the new Iceland advert annoying as when Mr Andre is talking about products in the plural eg prawns, croissants, lamb shanks, surely the statement should be ‘Because they are frozen’ not’ because its frozen’.
      I find myself wanting to shout at the TV ‘Because what is frozen?’

      At a time when the government is making pupils resit exams in English and Maths it would be a good example if people in the media used the correct grammar where appropriate.

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