Nationwide – On Your Side

Advert: Nationwide – On Your Side For Generations
Music: Sleeping At Last – I’ll Keep You Safe

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Nationwide Building Society uses the metaphor of a scarf passed down through generations to demonstrate how it has been with customers for almost 170 years, in this major new TV ad. The song is the UK version of I’ll Keep You Safe by Sleeping At Last, which is the stage name of Illinois musician and songwriter songwriter Ryan O’Neal. I’ll Keep You Safe is available to download on iTunes.


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33 thoughts on “Nationwide – On Your Side

  1. iangrove

    Get a grip of your silly selves moaning about the bank put all your money under the mattress simple long as you got high ceilngs great song on the ad mind im sure youll agree x x

  2. Arjun L SEN

    The song is fantastic. The banks are conning shysters. The banks hire the advertising boys to come up with stuff like this so you will subconsciously accept their lies. That’s the point of advertising. So many people in this thread can’t seem to disassociate the two. Some say the song is no good (untrue, it’s superb) and others can’t disassociate the banks from the advertising. Put it together, people, and pull up your socks. I remain utterly impervious to advertising of almost any description which makes it possible for me to enjoy the song without heading straight for the bank or chucking a good song out the window because the banks are using it.

  3. A music lover

    I know banks and money lenders are evil but boy they are clever. Great song and the story makes me gulp every time. Even though i bloody know i am being manipulated.

  4. frank burrowd

    The people who use foul words to express there feelings and oppions should be ashamed of there self

  5. Rob Miller

    Its all about context – its undeniably a beautiful song not to be associated with anything other than itself.

  6. P wheatear

    Like the staff at Nationwide go round returning lost scarves? too busy ripping consumers off surely?

    • Efjay

      Agreed. I HATE this song! It’s so weak, feeble, lilly livered and warbly.

      I’d like to strangle the **** singing it, to add insult to injury they play it on FOX every single freaking ad break.

  7. Steve

    Stomach turning schmaltzy rubbish that makes my toes curl every time, total embarrassment!

  8. davidverity

    Too bad the lady broke the law by removing the scarf from the bus which is technically theft. She should have handed it to the driver

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