Pilgrims Choice – Choose A Choon

Advert: Pilgrims Choice – Choose A Choon
Music: Ya Programme feat. Natalie May – Lust Not Love (Ultra Lust)

This new version of the Pilgrims Choice Well Chosen TV ad features a new soundtrack chosen via an online vote as part of the cheese brand’s “choose the choon” campaign. The chosen track is a 1990s house “That’s what you get when you ask the internet to choose something,” the ad informs, “90s nostalgia.” The track is Lust Not Love by Ya Programme featuring Natalie May, originally released in 1997 on the Jail House label. It’s actually credited for the ad as Ultra Lust by Ya Programme and Femi Olasehinde and Natalie May and Lee Penman, which suggests it may be a remix or updated version, but we can’t hear any difference between the snippet in the ad and the original 1997 version. Originally released as a 12″ vinyl EP, the track is available to download via Just Another Label. Or, if you’re an old school house fanatic, you can get the 12″ from Amazon.