Nationwide – Introducing Apple Pay

Advert: Nationwide – Introducing Apple Pay
Music: Limmie & Family Cookin’ – You Can Do Magic

Get You Can Do Magic on CD/vinyl from Amazon

Nationwide Building Society’s new TV ad, following the hugely popular On Your Side ad, is – like several other current bank and bulding society TV ads – promoting the Apple Pay system. The song is a great lost pop hit, You Can Do Magic by Limmie & Family Cookin’, which was originally released in 1972, and subsequently reached number 3 in the UK charts. The band (also known as Limmie & The Family Cooking) was a Jackson 5-style group featuring young Limmie Snell and his family. Unfortunately, You Can Do Magic has been so well-forgotten that it’s not available on iTunes, nor any other download provider we tried. However, you can get it on CD, on the compilations “Juke Box 70s Hits – Hang On In There Baby” (and its German equivalent “14 Discotitel aus den 70er Jahren”), “Jackie The Album”, and “North of Watford Volume 2: 24 Rare Pop & Soul Classics 1964-1979″, and on the original 7” vinyl, all of which are available from Amazon Marketplace here.


Get You Can Do Magic on CD/vinyl from Amazon

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One thought on “Nationwide – Introducing Apple Pay

  1. Barbara Withers

    The magic advert with the rabbit in the sink and the pet shop is awful, it will encourage people to buy a rabbit without thinking of its welfare. There are 67,000 rabbits in rescue most of them neglected. Nationwide has nothing to do with rabbit’s or animals. It would be nice if you could be seen donating money to rabbit rescues as an advert. Please could you remove this advert.

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