Titanfall 2 – Become One

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Music: Grace – Bang Bang (A Titan Shot Them Down)

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This launch trailer for EA and Respawn’s Titanfall 2 video game shows pilots and titans combining, and is soundtracked by a new version of the song Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), originally recorded by Cher in 1966. It was subsequently covered by Nancy Sinatra, and her tremolo guitar-layered version became popular after being featured on the soundtrack to the movie Kill Bill. This new version is similar to Nancy Sinatra’s, but features new lyrics tailored to the game, and a new title – Bang Bang (A Titan Shot Them Down). The vocalist is Australian singer Grace, who featured in the 2015 House of Fraser Christmas TV ad. Grace’s version of Bang Bang isn’t available to download, but you can get the Nancy Sinatra version on iTunes.

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