Bupa – For Owning The Dancefloor

Advert: Bupa – For Owning The Dancefloor
Music: Helene Smith – Pain In My Heart

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A woman puts her illness behind her to own the dancefloor in this uplifting TV ad from Bupa, focusing on cancer care that gets you there. The song is a real treat of a lost soul classic, Pain In My Heart by Helene Smith, a 1967 single on the Miami-based Deep City label. Helene Smith released six singles on Deep City, and also the short-lived label’s only LP, Helene Smith Sings Sweet Soul. Helen and Deep City were largely forgotten for almost 40 years until 2006 when Numero released a retrospective compilation, Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label, which includes Pain In My Heart. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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8 thoughts on “Bupa – For Owning The Dancefloor

  1. Kerry Davies

    I have never felt such power in a performance before! I get it.
    Well done actress and Bupa
    Kerry x

  2. Lorna F

    I LOVE the top the woman wears in this advert. Could you tell me where it’s from pls?
    I also love the song, which I have downloaded. Well done for this advert

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