Toyota C-HR – Reflections

Advert: Toyota C-HR – Reflections
Music: Glass Animals – Toes

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The all-new Toyota C-HR is reflected in various styles of sunglasses in this TV ad. The music track is Toes by Glass Animals, from the 2014 album Zaba. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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3 thoughts on “Toyota C-HR – Reflections

  1. cheryl Jenner-hansen

    the music for the ad c-hr Toyota is not the same. I really am after the music that is on the ad. It has no lyrics -could be synthesiser????. no good sending me on roundabout to the iTunes download when it isn’t the same. Please acknowledge my message. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Paul

      Hi Cheryl, the music in this Toyota CH-R Reflections ad is Toes by Glass Animals, as correctly stated on this page. I’ve checked the iTunes link and it does point to this track. Perhaps you were thinking of a different Toyota TV ad? If you have any further problems you can contact us using the contact form. Thanks.

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