Tesco – Everyone’s Welcome at Christmas

Advert: Tesco – Everyone’s Welcome at Christmas
Music: Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin’ Stevens cover)

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Tesco show several families struggling with the tradition of preparing a festive turkey in this Christmas TV ad, “Turkey, Every Which Way”, part of the supermarket’s Everyone’s Welcome campaign, and the first of five TV ads lined up for this season. The soundtrack is another female acoustic cover version of a popular track, this time Shakin’ Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone. A very similar version, by Lucy Rose, was featured in last year’s BBC Christmas TV ad. For some reason, Tesco won’t say who sings their version, which was produced and arranged by the Native music agency. (UPDATE: The vocals do sound very much like Lucy Rose, but some commenters say it’s Rachel Sermanni.) The Tesco cover isn’t available to download, but you can download the Lucy Rose version or download the Shakey original on iTunes. UPDATE: Tesco have released further Christmas ads featuring alternative covers of Merry Christmas Everyone – including another female vocal version and a male jazzy swing version – again uncredited and unavailable to download. You can watch the ads below.

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