Apple Mac – Behind the Mac

Advert: Apple Mac – Behind the Mac
Music: Daniel Johnston – Story of an Artist

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A bunch of creators “make something wonderful” in this TV ad that presents of a view of people behind the Apple Mac. The lo-fi song is Story of an Artist by cult US outsider musician Daniel Johnston (who also had a cover of one of his songs featured on a recent Dogs Trust TV ad). Story of an Artist is available to download on iTunes.

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9 thoughts on “Apple Mac – Behind the Mac

  1. Painfully_aware

    I understand that this audio track – it’s not music- is intended to be a kind of “outsider art” but it’s so tuneless and horribly performed that it has convinced me, if it was necessary to, that anyone who could use such rubbish to advertise their product must think that their customers are idiots and they might be right…

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