Sky Sports – Feel It All

Advert: Sky Sports – Feel It All
Music: Tom Player – Butterfly Effect
Music (Ad 2): Sticky Blood – Heathen (feat. Terri Walker)
Music (Ad 3): Hannah Grace – Praise You

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Sky unveils its new Sky Sports branding and channel line up in a campaign led by this TV ad, featuring a kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering over sports venues, with the tagline “Feel Every Moment”. The new line up features six channels including dedicated channels for football, cricket, golf and F1, available from £18 a month via Sky. The soaring music was created for the ad by TV Ad Music regular Tom Player. It isn’t available to download. However, music from some of the other ads in the campaign is available. One features the track Heathen by Sticky Blood, and another begins with the Praise You cover by Hannah Grace (from the recent Lloyds ad). You can download both those tracks and watch the ads below. UPDATE: Tom Player’s Butterfly Effect is now available to download on Bandcamp.


Advert: Sky Sports – Feel It All 2
Music: Sticky Blood – Heathen (feat. Terri Walker)

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Advert: Sky Sports – Introducing the New Sky Sports
Music (First Track): Hannah Grace – Praise You

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4 thoughts on “Sky Sports – Feel It All

  1. Mark

    Where’s the iconic Aguerooooo bit gone…. I heard you took it off cos a load of mard arse reds complained…. that’s pathetic if true

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