TV Ad Music Best of 2012

Welcome to our annual run-down of the most popular TV Ad Music of the year. 2012 was a busy year for TV Ad Music, with well over 400 brand new adverts and songs added to our database. As always, we’ve compiled our year-end Best Of list using a combination of requests, views and downloads. You can watch all of the ads and download the songs by clicking on the appropriate links below.

Some of the very popular ads released in 2012 that didn’t quite make our top 10 list include the Vauxhall Corsa – Put The Fun Back Into Driving ad [Watch] featuring the track Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars, the O2 – Things Are Changing ad [Watch] featuring Sniffy Dog and Adrienne Stiefel’s cover of Little Boxes, and the DFS – Sofas Brothers ad [Watch] featuring Paolo Nutini’s Growing Up Beside You. There were also really popular ads in 2012 from Ikea [Watch], TalkTalk [Watch] and Citroen [Watch], among others, that perhaps surprisingly didn’t make the top 10. You can find all of 2012’s ads by browsing our archives.

Without further ado, in reverse order, here is the TV Ad Music Best Of 2012 top 10:


10: John Lewis – The Journey [Watch]
Music: Gabrielle Aplin – The Power Of Love

The first ad on our Best Of 2012 countdown is the most recent, and the only Christmas ad in our top 10. John Lewis’s Christmas 2012 effort follows a snowman on a romantic quest to buy a gift for a snowwoman. The Power of Love was originally a number one hit for Frankie Goes to Hollywood in December 1984. This version, by 20-year-old singer Gabrielle Aplin, also hit number one. Not all TV Ad Music commenters liked the cover version, but this ad notched up a huge number of views and downloads.


9: Microsoft Windows 8 – Everything At Once [Watch]
Music: Lenka – Everything At Once

This launch ad for the Windows 8 operating system began airing in October. Both the TV ad and the soundtrack are called Everything At Once. The track is by the Australian singer/songwriter Lenka, who also appears performing a dance routine to the song in the ad. Lenka Kripac was born in New South Wales in 1978. Everything at Once is from her second album, Two. ‘I like it, will have look at her other music as she could be a winner,’ commented Tony. ‘Cool,’ said Raks. ‘Like it,’ said Phil. (‘Bloody awful,’ said Ray.)


8: Volkswagen Polo – Dad [Watch]
Music: Sniffy Dog – Whispers and Stories

Showing the evolving relationship between a dad and his daughter, this touching VW ad began airing back in May. ‘I love this – its the first time an advert has made me cry,’ commented Ynhughes. Lots of TV Ad Music visitors loved the soundtrack – but couldn’t download it. It was specially recorded by music production company Sniffy Dog after an unsuccessful attempt to license a similar-sounding track by Baltimore ‘dream pop’ duo Beach House. The Sniffy Dog track has not been commercially released.


7: John Lewis – Never Knowingly Undersold Since 1925 [Watch]
Music: Paloma Faith – Never Tear Us Apart

The next ad on our countdown is another from John Lewis – the only company with two ads on our 2012 list. The ad, first shown in September, depicts a romance between two people from different eras. ‘So, so clever,’ said David. ‘Delightful, beautiful,’ said Dennis. The ad features a cover of an INXS song, specially recorded for the ad by Paloma Faith. The song, Never Tear Us Apart, originally featured on INXS’s 1988 album Kick. ‘I have never heard the INXS version, but love this version by Paloma,’ said Yolanda.


6: Renault – 4+ [Watch]
Music: Trailer Trash Tracys – Wish You Were Red

The sixth most popular ad on our 2012 best of list promotes Renault’s four-year warranty, roadside cover, servicing and finance package. It’s the highest-placed car ad on this year’s list. The track is Wish You Were Red from London band Trailer Trash Tracys. Commenters on the site couldn’t decide whether it sounded like Baba O’Reilly by The Who, or like Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive, Best Coast, or even Lana Del Rey. Whichever, the track was very popular, and chalked up a lot of downloads.


5: Nikon 1 – I Am [Watch]
Music: Radical Face – Welcome Home

Remarkably, this is the third year running that this Nikon advert song has appeared in our end of year best of list. The track – easily the most popular we’ve ever featured on TV Ad Music in the 11 years we’ve been online – is Welcome Home by Radical Face, AKA Ben Cooper from the group Electric President. Welcome Home (listed on some releases as Welcome Home, Son) is from Radical Face’s 2007 album Ghost. This particular ad is for the Nikon 1, but the track has featured in ads for a host of Nikon cameras.


4: Channel 4 Paralympics – Meet The Superhumans [Watch]
Music: Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think

This extraordinary advert for Channel 4’s coverage of the London 2012 Paralympics premiered in July across 78 different channels as part of a huge promotional campaign. Complementing the stunning visuals is the arresting sound of Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy, which is built around a sample from a Shirley Bassey song called Jezahel. Alan commented on the site, ‘This is easily the best advert shown in 2012.’ Jana said, ‘Great advert, very powerful. Brilliant music. Makes me shiver!’


3: E.ON Energy – Best Deal [Watch]
Music: The Lumineers – Ho Hey

This ad debuted in October and quickly became a TV Ad Music favourite. The track is called Ho Hey, and it’s a song by US folk rock band The Lumineers, from their self-titled album. TV Ad Music visitors Teresa and Sharon were among those who posted that they loved the song. Another visitor, Miriam, posted, ‘I’ve been looking for this song everywhere!’ The track became even more popular – in fact it’s the most downloaded iTunes TV Ad Music track of 2012 – after it was featured again in a Sky Sports Christmas ad.


2: O2 Priority Sports – Powered By Nike+ [Watch]
Music: Woodkid – Run Boy Run

The penultimate ad on this year’s Best Of list promotes O2’s link up with Nike+ via the Priority Sports app. The track is Run Boy Run by French musician and music video director Yoann Lemoine, better known as Woodkid. The ad first turned up on TV screens in August, and became the site’s second most-viewed ad, with Run Boy Run becoming our third most-downloaded iTunes track of 2012. Another Woodkid track, Iron, featured in Peugeot and Assassin’s Creed adverts from October 2011.


1 Strongbow Pear – Earn It
Music: John Murphy – In The House, In A Heartbeat

*video no longer available*

The most popular TV Ad Music of 2012 was this track from the Strongbow Pear advert – far and away our most-requested ad and most-watched video this year – which first appeared on our screens in August. The ad was created by the St Luke’s agency, and features Strongbow’s archer and arrows, which have been associated with the brand since 1962. The striking track is called In The House – In A Heartbeat, and it’s by Liverpool composer John Murphy. If it sounds cinematic, that’s because it’s originally from the soundtrack to the Danny Boyle movie 28 Days Later. It was also subsequently used in another TV ad this year – a Louis Vuitton ad that started airing in November. Rob commented on the site, ‘This track is awesome.’ Other commenters debated whether or not Strongbow Pear was a cider or a perry! Whatever, this was the best TV Ad Music of 2012. You can download In The House – In A Heartbeat from iTunes.


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